Wednesday, January 8, 2014

9 01 13

these days fashion really bores me. not style, or theatricality or anything (good design), but rather everything after 2010 seems to have remained stagnant (at least with well-known designers). 

i understand that people have to make money, and developing a style is something that takes time, and actually 'keeping up' a consistent style is something also to be admired as well in a society full of changes and trends

with the (high) fashion calendar that is a constant 2-season system, it's also understandable that sometimes collections are lacking in quality consideration (subjective)
(although not every designer decides to follow the 2 season calendar, either)

something i've also noticed is that emerging designers will have very strong debut collections, and then fade away after the hype subsides, or will continue releasing variations of said debut collections, and because they are seen as the avant-garde of the current fashion world, remain relevant and positively received. this is not so much criticism as it is observation, sometimes i think i'm very cynical re: fashion, and people could ask me, why don't you do better? and i might not be able to deliver, so

i think what i'm not finding is the right feeling....that's what this whole thing is to me, a new feeling. the feelings are the same
someone i met recently raised something interesting though, he said that fashion in itself can be democratic because you can carve out your own niche... and isn't that comforting 

(i dont really know what i'm using this blog for, since everything is more or less on tumblr. im hoping to make it something i would want to well as be something i would like others to read. happy 2014 everyone)

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