Thursday, April 3, 2014

4 04 14

stuff i've been thinking about n things people have been talking about w me:

- in design (primarily client based work), clients come to designers/illustrators/etc for a particular style that they've scoped out from artists (using this term loosely) portfolios but i feel that most people that create things don't want to keep making the same thing over and over, you wanna advance your work and try new things

- with internet culture it's really really (ridiculously) easy to take in volumes of information, both textual and visual and as such if you don't sit down and record what you're taking in you just forget it because most people don't actively use their brain capacity to hold in all this info (i sure as hell dont). the interesting thing about tumblr is archive mode. there were some periods during my holiday where i was constantly on tumblr because i couldnt be bothered to go out but i reblogged so much shit, the thing is, looking back on it now, it's easier to piece together the different potential visual narratives from your inspiration.

also with the internet it's super easy to like a lot of things. i don't mean this in a derivative "like" on facebook kinda way, but in terms of hobbies/interests. it's no longer an age of subcultural lifestyle where dress reflects music interest and hobbies, but rather one where lifestyle has overtaken subculture insofar as that you take different aspects of subculture and incorporate them into your life. with creating new work this makes it a bit tricky in the sense that it's easy to feel overwhelmed by what you are into - as if it's "inauthentic" because it comes from so many different areas of interest. which brings us back to tumblr archive mode, or a holistic approach to inspiration - the way that we look at things (and perceive them) is changing

another thing with tumblr is motive, some people use tumblr as more of a blogging outlet but others use it as curation (of their own perceived life or something else, i dont know) but honestly if all you use tumblr for is to reblog "inspirational quotes" and the likes of that, does it really keep you inspired? tumblr is cool because it's such a vast resource of things, you can find the weirdest shit out there, but also theoretical things related to your area of study and/or interest

um, anyway i'm trying to make less excuses about being tired and having time and do more. catch u on the flip side

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