Tuesday, February 19, 2013

japan 11

we came here because we really really really wanted to see the giant gundam
both my sister and i used to watch gundam when we were kids so...it's kind of special? to us..as silly as that sounds. ha

diver city area is pretty big. it's full of shopping complexes and things, like the sega joypolis. good to explore. saw lots of high school kids come here..i think on dates (cute!)

diver city has a lot of "touristy" goods...like the weird kit kat flavours..e.tc
theres also a takoyaki museum....which isn't really a museum at all. more like a place with 5 takoyaki stores. and you can buy takoyaki themed goods. lol


  1. odaiba is so funnnn omg but i wish i got to see the giant gundam up close *__* it looks so cool

    1. next time for sure!! it's so crazy huge and detailed augh!! so amaze