Wednesday, February 20, 2013

japan 12

the menu!


ginza is kind of like....a rich people/business people area. it's full of high end department stores and designer stores. the buildings are tall and old-school european, i guess

we came here mainly to go eat at the alice in wonderland cafe. (short walk from shimbashi stn)
you go up an elevator to the 5th floor, and it's kind of confusing. because there's no-one there. just this screen with the original alice in wonderland text on it

eventually someone greets you and you get to sit down and eat
they have an 'order one food and one drink per person' rule here, which is fair enough. it's not too pricey (for the novelty anyway).
my sister ordered a coffee and mille feuille dessert with sorbet - the coffee comes with a cute cheshire cat design on top (eee)

i ordered some juice and the cheshire cat parfait. it comes with a glowing light inside. and it's mega tasty as well

im nearly out of japan photos...............and it makes me sad


  1. ginza natsukashii!!!
    your cheshire cat dessert is so cute :>

  2. i wanted to make an alice in wonderland themed cafe... *flips table* haha japan beat me. the desserts/drinks look amazing tho. asdfghjkl; SOMEDAYYY Q_Q

    1. you should! it would be amazing!!
      and if you're ever in japan, take some inspiration from it? maybe ? hahah

  3. oh god... paradise!!!!!!!!! . they say that the smell in japan is different. like somehow cute , child-like and just different

    1. ive never heard that one before, but i think i can agree, its like certain suburbs :')